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Screen printing machine in print value three matters needing attention

Date:2016/6/8 8:19:51 Hits:1522

Silk screen printing is screen printing machine work is the key one step, believe a lot of people is understanding for screen printing machine printing, but also in our life often can see some products about screen printing machine printing.So our life is closely linked with screen printing machine.Today we with all of you to discuss the main problem is the screen printing machine in print value don't forget three items:
Screen printing machine in print value, don't forget 3 big item overview
      1. The value of the treatment by asking the ink ink PS version, can increase the photosensitive photosensitive rubber performance, protect the graphic part, in the printing and proofing ink on quickly, at the same time developing ink rub xu avoid light effect, can prevent the graphic part of the light reaction, to prolong the period of plate, the ink is also beneficial to increase the rate of resistance to print.Therefore, in addition to the anxious to computer printing version, should stick to the ink processing, show that should be paid attention to when operating the ink to divide evenly, layout can't afford to clean the dirty.
      2. Pay attention to environment and the maintenance of the machine (1) printing workshops to clean environment, especially the plate burning glass, must be clean before starting work, developing from a regular cleaning and maintenance.(2) the light source, intensity of illumination, check regularly.Check voltage, power grid, the 380 v (360 ~ 360 v).(3) the PS version of the place to set up in the air conditioning of safekeeping dark room, or the low temperature and dry place, especially to avoid the sink.Use PS version be careful not to bend, bruises, attention can't use is stained with oil or developer's hand touch.

      3. Attention to wipe rubber plate burning.Operation should attach importance to the brush is very thin and uniform adhesive solution, effectively protect the layout, and often do not attach importance to the work, in the daily production inconsistent thickness of adhesive solution rubbed and uneven, even clean incomplete, resulting in plate local damage.

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